About Us

Beoflos has been founded in 2015. From the very beginning, we correspond with the main drivers of today’s advanced way of thinking and lifestyle – health & nature.

Our focus has been on research and development of specialty food ingredients, based on natural and organic raw materials and microencapsulation as our main technological discipline.

In June 2018, Beoflos received a report related to proving the concept of our project: Advanced natural microparticles based on a hybrid shell and bioactive vegetable oil. In addition to promising indicators related to the production of microparticles, the test results confirm the desired behavior of our specialty ingredients, especially the controlled release in the simulated biological fluid and GIT…

We are opened for a partnership with customers who share the same culture and values with us, as well…


Well-established relationships with the main supplier of organic essential oils Sanicula Co, have given us the basis for a strong partnership.

Thanks to that, we have the opportunity to offer the best of their precious essential oils in a small creative packaging, suitable for personal use, botanically described and followed by Technical Data Sheets and certificates.

Take the opportunity and enjoy with us the realm of the fragrance of these gifts of God…


We are proud of another partnership. As Bioquochem’s distributor for the countries of the former Yugoslavia, our task is to bring this region closer and offer the products of this promising Spanish biotech company.

Bioquochem designs, develops and manufactures kits and devices for rapid and easy quantification of biological parameters or biomarkers. Our kits are more sensitive, accurate, reproducible and faster than conventional ones, because they have been specifically designed to improve all these characteristics with respect to the products from the competition.

Bioquochem also designs and develops devices for the quantification of the antioxidant capacity in different matrices such as blood, for the evaluation of oxidative stress, or drinks, for the analysis of the antioxidant capacity in wine…

We correspond with the main drivers of today’s advanced way of thinking and lifestyle – health & nature.