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Organic Thyme Essential Oil Linalool Type – Thyme linalol


Thyme linalol

thymus vulgaris l. ct. linalol


„I did love thee, Lily Lee,
As the petrel loves the sea,
As the wild bee loves the thyme,
As the poet loves his rhyme,
As the blossom loves the dew —
But the angels loved thee, too!“

“Lily Lee” by Alice Cary

The gentle Thyme ct Linalol essential oil is widely applicable than other Thyme chemotypes. In the world of essential oils, it belongs to the richest sources of linalool (over 75% of the total content). Linalool is the source of the dominant fresh floral scent reminiscent of the lily of the valley. The harmonic, lemon-earthy, sweet, herbaceous, and slightly medicinal bouquet of the oil conquers even the most discerning audience.

Time Linalol essential oil is using as a flavor component in food products, including alcoholic (e.g., liqueurs) and nonalcoholic beverages, in low dosages.

The oil could support the immune system and the respiratory system during flu and cold season.

Everyday hectic lifestyles, exams, and excessive daily activities are modern stress generators, where Tyme Linalol essential oil can provide support.

Our Thyme ct Linalol essential oil (Thymus vulgaris ct. Linalool) is 100% organic & pure. Its safety, in terms of heavy metals and radioactive particles, is confirmed analytically.

It is obtained by steam distillation of the plant's flowering tops, organically grown in Europe in the South East of Serbia.

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Tyme linalool

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Old Time’s Lessons

Dioscorides gave at the De La Materia Medicinal that taken in a drink expels the menstrual flow and causes an urge to urinate. It helps griping, hernia, convulsions, inflammation of the liver, and snakebites taken as a drink and applied. Boiled with vinegar (with rosaceum mixed in there) and the head moistened with it, soothes headaches. It is especially good for lethargy and frenzy. Four teaspoonfuls of the juice (taken as a drink with vinegar) stop the vomiting of blood.

Avicenna within The Cannon of Medicine gives a Diet: If her milk is thick, the wet-nurse should take a decoction of attenuants such as thyme. Either, measures to prevent seasickness are given as well: Take a little vinegar and honey with water in which thyme has been infused.

For a Purgation gives: Dodder of thyme in wine, taken after a moderate supper.

The ancient Egyptians knew about the antiseptic and preserving properties of thyme and used it in embalming. It was one of the most important herbs for incense in ancient Greece where people used it to stimulate the mind. In Rome, the soldiers bathed in thyme water to give themselves vigor before going to battle. Centuries later, medieval noble ladies embroidered a sprig of thyme on the sash of their favorite knight before he left for battle.


Blends well with:

Matricaria recutita [German chamomile]

Chamaemelum nobile [Roman chamomile]

Melaleuca alternifolia [tea tree]

Juniperus communis fruct. [juniper berry]

Citrus bergamia [bergamot]

Lavandula angustifolia [lavender]

Eucalyptus globulus [blue gum]

Citrus paradisi [grapefruit]

coconut oil

Grapeseed oil

peach kernel carrier oil

almond oil

calendula macerated oil

St John’s Wort macerated oil

jojoba oil…



Product name: Organic Thyme Essential Oil Linalool Type
CAS No: 84929-51-1/8007-46-3
FEMA No: 3064
Place of origin: Serbia
Process: Steam distillation
Plant part: Flowering tops
Main uses: Natural Aroma
Storage: Keep in dark and dry place
Content: 100% pure Organic Thyme Essential Oil Linalool Type
Components: linalool (60-80%), linalyl acetate (4.5-6%), 1-terpinene-4-ol (1.5-5%), sabinene hydrate cis (1.5-4%), γ -terpinene (1-3%), β -caryophyllene (1-2%)
Alergene: linalool (60-80%), limonene (0.5-1.5%)

Consistency: Thin
Perfumery Note: Top
Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium

Organoleptic: Thyme Essential Oil smells lemon-earthy, sweet, herbaceous and slightlymedicinal.


  • Dosing in/on food: 1 drop (Less then 2%).
  • Not recommended with children, pregnant or lactating women, elderly persons or persons which are suffering from chronic diseases.
  • Do not use in intravenous or intramuscular injections.
  • Dilute before use.
  • In case of tendency perform allergy test before use.
  • Never heat up for diffusion.

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